• Follow Christ

    Protea Emmaus; Member of the world wide Emmaus Community

  • Follow Christ

    Protea Community – Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis Flights and Face to Face Encounter Events.


    Fourth Day Leaders Embodying Jesus Christ


    Empowering Leaders to be the hands and feet of Christ


    Ecumenical Christian movement

    Ecumenical Movement; Each walk experience is your own personal journey as a Christian.

    This spiritual pilgrimage aims to renew your purpose in Christ through a series of three-day short
    courses in Christianity.

    It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God’s grace and love wills.

    Partnering all Churches; The Vine Church, AFM Groen Weiveld Randfontein, Acts5 Midrand, NG Deneysville, Truth International, Harties & Brits Methodist Church, AFM Noordheuwel, Meyerton Methodist, Randpark
    Ridge United Church, Open Heavens, Metro Ministries Africa, Foresite Muldersdrift, NG Mindalore, St Barnabas.

    We answer questions about your Faith.

    • Are you a member of a local Church?
    • Do you understand that being a Christian involves responsibility?
    • Are you willing to dedicate your everyday life to God in an ongoing manner?

    The Sponsors Role

    The Backbone of this ministry is Sponsorship. Every member should take responsibility for this area of ministry.  It involves more than simply signing up people. This ministry cannot be overemphasized. The quality of sponsorship influences the participants, the health of the Emmaus movement and the churches affected by the movement.


    • Good sponsorship requires discernment in inviting or recruiting participants.
    • Good sponsorship is the first act of agape love before the event begins.
    • Good sponsorship undergirds the Emmaus Ministries event with sacrificial love on behalf of each participant.
    • Sponsors embody the personal commitment of the Community to each participant and provide personal acts of agape during the event for the participants.
    • Good sponsorship offers a strong link to the participants’ Fourth Day experience after each event.
    • Sponsors stand ready to answer participants’ questions, be faithful friends and provide perspective.
    • Sponsors guide participants to reunion groups and help them sponsor others to attend an Emmaus Ministries event.
    •  Good sponsorship grounds a healthy, effective Emmaus movement that fulfill its true purpose – continued faith formation of the participants, the development of Christian leaders and the renewal of the church in ministry.

    Need help? Contact us on 082 414 5894 / 061 504 2283 or send an email to: Info@protea.emsa.org